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04-02-2019 17:57

I say in my training always ... that the business world is supposed to be ’gender neutral’. It is supposed to be the qualification and experience and then performance are the joints that form the view that the other sees us through - we were or Men, ’and thus judge us professionally through them.’ Thus, the women and girls who show ’a remarkable amount’ of their femininity (in terms of clothing, behavior, attitudes, etc.) have the feeling that they are not serious and not Depend on them and can not make decisions fateful at work ... so in my company This is a global conclusion about women in the world ... femininity is the most beautiful thing in women, and it is its natural motto ... but if it is employed in the atmosphere of business, if it is loved by some, women lose their opportunities in leadership, management and opportunities In influential centers ....stock news Москва, Russian FederationМосква-Russian Federation.html