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05-11-2017 11:50

hello every buyer and sellers,we just work with following procedure.if you are accord with this procedure contact me.if accord with this procedure ,we can say all fake business.don't pay any money before get MT760. 

1. Buyer sends letter of intent (LOI) to the Seller attached with copies of Signatory´s passport, Company's Resolution and Client Information Sheet (CIS).

2. Seller within two (2) international banking days counter-signs LOI and returns it back to Buyer with detail of BG Issuing Bank, copy of the passport, etc., and this LOI becomes automatically a full commercial recourse contract, which both parties shall lodge with their respective banks.

3.seller bank shall swift MT199/RWA to buyers Bank. Upon buyer`s bank received the swift MT199, buyers  bank shall then swift MT 199 to confirm their readiness to receive the SBLC(RWA) and also buyers  Bank will issue Bank Payment Undertaking(BPU)  to sellers bank  for this transaction. 

4. Within within two (2) banking days after received above bank swift documents, Seller should instruct his issuing bank to send to Buyer’s designated bank receiving account with full bank responsibility, a pre-advice via swift MT799 stating capability of delivery of the Bank Guarantee by swift MT760. (Seller shall provide a copy of said MT99 pre-advice to Buyer for tracing).

5. Within three (3) banking days Seller’s issuing bank then issues and sends the BG/SBLC via swift MT760 to party Buyer’s designated bank receiving account. (Seller’s shall provide a copy of said MT760 to Buyer for tracing).

6. Buyer’s bank verifies, and pays for the BG/SBLC fees within TEN (10) banking days, and additionally pays out the 2% consultancy fees/commissions, as per the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA)

7. Seller’s bank, within three (3) banking days of receipt of full Invoice payment, sends the hard copy original BG/SBLC to Buyer’s Bank by bank-bonded courier.

8.  The same Procedure is used for all other BG/SBLC  issuance, delivery and payment settlements.

we only doing SBLC/BG business with genuine provider,not accord with above procedure don't contact me.

genuine provider contact us:,skypeE LONG USA CORP.